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the MPG effect with Scooters

Gas prices are soaring and there seems to be no "record lows" coming soon, only record highs. We here in America always love the feeling of being the best and the biggest, but we would rather take runner-up at the pump. So until we can all afford these "luxury hybrid vehicles" that are believed to be the future, it seems it can't be avoided.

Try the following math and don't worry, we did all the calculations already.
Lets begin with the commuter.

  • Each year the average commuter drives about 10,000 miles.
  • Our current national average cost of gas is at $3.65.
  • The average vehicle MPG is about 20mpg.

Do the math and you are spending $1,825 on gas ech year

Now we will just change one factor in our math and that is our very own Scooter MPG which our "record high" stands at a tall 102MPG.

Do the math and you will be spending about $357.85.
You are now saving a whopping $1467.15! We're not even mentioning the money you will save each year on your insurance.

So if your thinking about buying one of our scooters, think about what the MPG effect can do for you!